Life is like a play. Life is like a dream, a dream of life. Life is like a play. In this play, what role do we play? Life, day, net, end, ugliness. Which one are you? Life is like a dream. What do we get when we wake up in the middle of the night? Buddha said: life is like being in a bush of thorns. If the heart doesn't move, the body doesn't move. If the heart doesn't move, the body doesn't move. If the heart moves, the body hurts the bone. So we taste all kinds of pain in the world. In the face of wind, flowers and snow, talented people and beautiful women, who can not be moved? In the face of gold and silver, who can control it? People have seven emotions and six desires, and the moon is full of ups and downs. Everyone has his own dream of Red Mansions. In the world of mortals, rushing, busy and lonely are always hard to walk into life; indifferent, safe and melancholy rarely survive in the heart. We always indulge our feelings in our spare time and indulge our emotions in the years. If we are busy, tired, quiet and light, maybe our hearts will be peaceful and our feelings will be pure. No matter how much regret, how much pain, good luck or bad luck, it's all the past, it's all the past, it will be a new day to meet us. If the road is right, there will be no plain, potholes, gullies, ridges, even thorns, torrents and dangerous shoals. When you fall down, get up, steer with your heart, do not deviate from your own course, and walk on your own road. Too much pain and tears, sorrow and injury, reluctant and helpless, dry the tears, pick up the mood to move on. Because now that we have chosen the distance, we are ready to go through the storm. Wrestling, don't cry, then get up, stand up straight and smile, clap the dust, and continue to run. Time goes on, age is long, know more, see through more, happiness is less and less.